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Parody of “My Generation” by The Who


(Parody of “My Generation” by The Who)

Daleks try to shoot me down
(Talkin’ ‘bout Regeneration)
Just because I get around
I don’t look the same, or so I’ve been told
‘Cause I’m over 9 centuries old!

It’s Regeneration!
It’s Regeneration, baby!

TARDIS will up and fade away
(Talkin’ ‘bout Regeneration)
It’s bigger on the inside, they always say
Flying through time to any location
But a Time Lord’s life has no vacation

It’s Regeneration!
Regeneration, baby!

Armed with paper that’ll change your mind
(Talkin’ ‘bout Regeneration)
A good companion’s hard to find
I wish this thing worked like it should
But this damn screwdriver doesn’t work on wood!

It’s Regeneration!
It’s Regeneration, baby!

Just got hit with a killing blow!
(Talkin’ ‘bout Regeneration)
Hearts are racing and I start to glow
Starting to feel a strange sensation
Must be time for Regeneration!

Yeah, It’s Regeneration!


from BARDCORE, released March 1, 2017




Library Bards Los Angeles, California

The Library Bards are a nerd parody band consisting of Bonnie Gordon (ABC's The Quest, R. Mika in Street Fighter V) and Xander Jeanneret (TBS' King of the Nerds). They take Top 40 hits and transform them into the nerdy versions they should have been in the first place! With their catchy tunes and nerdy lyrics, the @LibraryBards will be bringing you into the #BardLife in no time! ... more


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